Book Club Summary 2/21

A small group of readers gathered and discussed what topics were currently on their minds. We spoke about horror and Sci-Fi as that it was the majority of the groups main reading interests. Steven King, HP Lovecraft, Creepy Pasta, and Philip K. Dick came up in discussion. We discussed maybe doing a pod cast about current reads and interests. As break from reading we played a card throwing floor tile game called Vampires vs. Unicorns.

The main event was a group read of Daredevil Park by Sara and Spencer Compton.  This is entry number 114 in the Choose Your Own Adventure® series. Our group took turns reading aloud and passing the book around after several paragraphs. When it came time to choose a path we discussed our options about how we thought our characters should act. We read through one time and our character was able to survive the book.

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